The educational video "CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT"  through a group of mimes,  shows in a simple and clear way, what child abuse and neglect are and how to prevent them. For children over 10, professionals, teachers and parents.



The educational video "LEARNING TO PROTECT MYSELF" consists of two parts, the first deals with self-esteem and the second develops, in a nice and simple way, through a group of puppets, situations which may be risky during childhood and teaches how to manage them successfully. For children between 3 and 9.

The video "PRIMARY PREVENTION OF CHILD ABUSE" describes what Prevention is and its main concepts. For professionals: teachers, psychologist, social workers, etc.

The educational video "SCHOOL HARASSMENT" shows what BULLYING is and how to prevent it. For children, teachers and parents.

The E-Book "CHILD ABUSE: PREVENTION AND DETECTION HANDBOOK" describes all the relevant issues for the study and practice of the prevention and detection of child abuse. This systemized guide is mainly addressed to all professionals: teachers, psychologist, social workers, etc. Parents will also find methods to teach their children how to avoid dangerous situations.

This E-Book "HAPPY KIDS - CHILDHOOD SELF-PROTECTION CAPABILITY" is addressed to professionals, parents and children who want to learn how to prevent and detect child abuse, physical, sexual and emotional, thus promoting the capability of self-protection and self-esteem.